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Fittings: Focus

Orkal has spent over 20 years developing the depth of inventory and strength of partnerships with our fitting & Fluid ID Label manufacturers for all types of fluid fittings, labels and tooling.

Authorized Distributor for Manufacturers & Product Lines

AdelWiggins Aerofit Airdrome
DMC Pamco Nelson
FMI Hydrofitting Faber
Atlas Specialty Permaswage Shur-Lok
B&E Mfg Privateer HTC

Part Number Overview

An abbreviated listing of our typical inventory items

(Please select a manufacturer below to jump to listing)

Airdrome Permaswage Std Nuts & Sleeves
MS Engine Standards GE Standards Beam Seal
AS Shapes & Straights MS/NAS Shapes & Straights Lockheed Martin
Airbus  Fluid ID Labels Boeing 
AdelWiggins Port Lok/Rosan Valves/Caps
Orbital Weld United Supply


Airdrome Permaswage Std Nuts & Sleeves
AP10105 D10006 AN818
AP10327 D10007 AS5175
AP10102 D10008 AN814
AP10552 D10010 AS5169
AP10325 D10019 AN929
AP10100 D10021 AN6289
AP10331 D10023 AS5179
AP10552 D10026 MS27073
AP10335 D10027 AS4370
AP10553 D10036 MS21914
AP10559 D10041 MS20819
AP10353 D10045 AS5176
AP10566 D10054 AS3220
AP10567 D10055 AN924
AP10190 D10055 AS5178
AP10566 D10070 AS1791
AP10567 D10073 AS1792
AP10102 D10074 MS21921
AP2136 D10082 MS21922
AP2536 D10099 35235
AP302 D10137 AP2097
AP7031 D10176 AFP175
D10178 NAS591
D10192 NAS593
D10240 NAS594
D10272 NAS595
D9855 NAS596

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MS Engine Standards GE Standards Beam Seal
MS9015 J1113 AS4210
MS9095 J1159 AS4211
MS9096 J1188 AS4212
MS9099 J1201 AS4213
MS9100 J1290 AS4214
MS9193 J1231 AS4220
MS9194 J1312 AS4221
MS9195 J1322 AS4222
MS9196 J360 AS4223
MS9197 J378 AS4224
MS9198 J382 AS4227
MS9200 J511 AS4228
MS9201 J512 AS4229
MS9305 J513 AS4230
MS9313 J514 AS4231
MS9314 J515 AS4232
MS9315 J516 AS4233
MS9356 J518 AS4541
MS9358 J519 AS4542
MS9360 J521 AS4807
MS9361 J522 AS4808
MS9364 J524 AS4809
MS9379 J530 AS5002
MS9382 J531 AS5003
MS9404 J532 AS5004
MS9405 J534 AS85421/10
MS9483 J541 AS85421/11
MS9769 J593 AS85421/12
MS9881 J639 AS85421/13
MS9901 AS85421/14
MS9902 AS85421/15
MS9953 AS85421/16
MS9954 AS85421/17

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AS Shapes & Straights   MS/NAS Shapes & Straights
AS1001 AS5161 MS21900
AS1002 AS5162 MS21902
AS1003 AS5163 MS21904
AS1004 AS5164 MS21905
AS1005 AS5165 MS21906
AS1006 AS5168 MS21907
AS1007 AS5169 MS21908
AS1008 AS5172 MS21909
AS1009 AS5173 MS21910
AS1010 AS5174 MS21911
AS1031 AS5180 MS21912
AS1032 AS5181 MS21913
AS1033 AS5182 MS21914
AS1034 AS5183 MS21915
AS1035 AS5184 MS21916
AS1036 AS5185 MS21921
AS1038 AS5186 MS21922
AS1039 AS5187 MS21923
AS1040 AS5188 MS21924
AS1584 AS5189 MS21925
AS1585 AS5190 MS21926
AS4130 AS5191 MS21937
AS4131 AS5192 MS21938
AS4132 AS5193 MS21939
AS4133 AS5194 MS21940
AS4134 AS5195 MS21941
AS4135 AS5196 MS21942
AS4136 AS5197 MS21943
AS4137 AS5198 MS21944
AS4138 AS5230 MS21945
AS4139 AS5230 MS24405
AS4140 AS5231 MS24651
AS4141 AS5232 MS24652
AS4370 AS5233 MS24654
AS4405 AS5234 MS51521
AS4406 AS5235 NAS1761
AS4407 AS5238 NAS1762
AS4408 AS5239 NAS1763
AS4409 AS5240
AS4410 AS5241
AS4411 AS5242
AS4848 AS5406
AS4854 AS6041
AS4855 AS6042
AS4856 AS6043
AS4857 AS6044
AS4858 AS6045
AS4859 AS6046
AS4860 AS6047
AS4861 AS6048
AS4862 AS6049
AS4863 AS6050

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Lockheed Martin Airbus Fluid ID Labels
C7551 NSA855034G BACT11Y
JSFF03 ASNA3759 B0314005
JSFF04 ASNA3760 B0314009
JSFF05 ASNA3769 B0314020
JSFF07 NSA855101 B0314023
JSFF08 NSA855111 GAT15A1
JSFF09 NSA855113 GAT15A2
JSFF10 NSA855114 GAT15C
JSFF108 NSA855115 GAT535C2
JSFF11 NSA855116 SS9030
JSFF114 NSA855117 SS9031
JSFF12 NSA855119 GT100GU
JSFF13 NSA855120 GT535
JSFF15 NSA855121 MIL-T-9906
JSFF18 NSA855123 MIL-STD-1247
JSFF19 NSA855127
JSFF20 NSA855131
JSFF21 NSA855133
JSFF22 NSA855143
JSFF25 NSA855145
JSFF27 ABS0395
JSFF28 ABS0743
JSFF35 ABS0744
JSF37 ASNA3705
JSFF39 NSA840003
JSFF41 NSA840017

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Boeing AdelWiggins Port Lok/Rosan
BACS13BX W991 ABS0920
BACU24 W902 ABS0993
BACN10 W903B AS1984
ST7M411 W905 AS1985
ST7M425 W700 AS1986
ST7M405 S3052 AS5550
ST7M169 63052
ST7M170 AS1653
ST7M171 AS1655
ST7M174 60000
ST7M191 3605
ST7M197 83052

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Valves/Caps Orbital Weld United Supply
MS28882 AS1581 US, UFR, UR
MS6164 AS1582