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Kitting & Assembly Solutions

Orkal has been providing kitting & custom packaging services to our Customers for over 20 years. We supply kits to OEM customers around the world as well as the US Government. Kitting offers unique advantages to our customers in terms of streamlined source of supply, product availability and production line cost savings (lean manufacturing). We have developed and streamlined the kitting process, investing heavily in state of the art software that simplifies the kitting process and ensures complete visibility and traceability. Lot numbers are fully traceable for every component of the kit. Custom labeling is available for every detail of the kit itself and every label is bar code driven. Kits can be supplied ad hoc or direct fed to the assembly line from a forward stocking location. Orkal has also developed assembly programs to provide assembled kits to our customers to the final assembly line.

Kitting Features Overview

  • Bar Coding Driven Kits
  • All Kit Detail Parts Retain Lot ID, Full Traceability throughout kitting process
  • Single Cell Kits (Parts are individually bagged, labeled & grouped in a single box)
  • Multi-Cell & Multi-Cell Reusable Box Kits (Parts are individually bagged, labeled, and segregated in a partitioned box and may be replenished as an option)
  • Kits can be custom package to suit whatever needs and Packaging Requirements
  • Kit contents can be 2 line items to thousands
  • Lot traceability is maintained for all kit details from cradle to grave
  • Kits can consist of assemblies to your blueprints
  • We specialize in any assembly requirement
  • Kits can be stored at FSL for scan out or shipped to order in JIT format
  • Kits can be fed to the line Assembly area
  • We can help design the kit for or with you
  • We provide delegated source inspection for all components

Assembly Solutions

Orkal has developed in house capabilities to provide cost effective assembly options to our customers. We have taken multi-item kits and performed the next level assembly in house, allowing the customer to receive a fully assembled and installation ready component for their final assembly line. Light assemblies include fastener detail components, sheet metal detail parts and fitting tube assembly components. We can provide light assembly utilizing virtually any basic assembly requirement.

How Orkal assembly can reduce your supply chain costs!

  • Maintain Your Component Level Inventory
  • Perform Your Component Level Inspections
  • Manage Your Final Assembly
  • Maintain a JIT Assembly Inventory
  • Manage Your Component Suppliers
  • Guarantee Quality & Delivery