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Procurement Specialist

Orkal forecasts, stocks and maintains a myriad of genuine OEM parts from the aerospace industry's leading manufacturers. Our distribution and license agreements with those manufacturers, ensures that our product mix and stock levels meet the demands of our customers. Orkal’s inventory database contains product history, specific customer requirements and source information on all of our parts. Our extensive database and direct links with OEM’s enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to all inquiries, meeting the requirements of all our Customers for COTS and JIT delivery.

Orkal also maintains a very large and diverse inventory of spares and components. We use the latest computerized technology to locate those hard to find parts, forecast customer requirements, and manage our stock levels. We pride ourselves on our capability to provide timely support to our customers. Orkal also provides rotable pool part services for repairable components ensuring availability on units to our Customers.

Orkal has also developed a custom sourcing platform (OQM) utilizing specialized filtering for rapid quoting and sourcing. This platform was developed and refined with over 30 years quoting experience and data. It is proprietary and was awarded best in class for its unique capabilities.

Our Customers and Markets

Our current list of customers spans the globe and includes OEM’s, Armed Forces, commercial operators, airlines, repair stations, and various procurement authorities. We take great pride in these relationships and our ability to provide our customers with the highest quality, the shortest lead-time and the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Customer & Standard Specifications

Orkal has spent over 30 years developing the depth of inventory and strength of partnerships with our manufacturers  for a wide range of Customer Specific standards as well as International Standards such as:

  • BAC (Boeing)
  • C7551 (Lockheed)
  • 7D (Boeing)
  • 7M (Boeing)
  • ST7M (Boeing)
  • 999 (Bell)
  • AW (AgustaWestland)
  • JN (Eurofighter)
  • JSF (Lockheed)
  • LS (Lockheed)
  • S700 (Goodrich)
  • SS (Sikorsky)
  • 07A (Northrop)
  • ASNA (Airbus)
  • NSA (Airbus)
  • ABS (Airbus)
  • B3 (Bomhardier)
  • 10 Digit (Honeywell)
  • SS (Sikorsky)
  • J Standards (GE)
  • AS, MS, AN, NAS, EN, DIN, LN (Standards)
  • And Many More Customer & Standard Part Numbers…

Manufacturer Distribution Agreements

Orkal works closely, and holds stocking and distribution agreements, with over 30+ factories, including many of the world's leading manufacturers and subcontractors. Our manufacturer relationships and stocking practices ensure:

  • Pricing Advantages Resulting From High Volume, Multi-Platform Purchases
  • Superior Warranty Coordination And Technical Support
  • Rapid Deliveries From Stock
  • Flexible Cost-Saving Logistic Structures Including JIT, VMI, Kanban and Kitting
  • Product Portfolio Offers Supply Chain Consolidation Opportunities
  • Stocking Custom and Standard Products for All Major Aircraft Platforms
  • Large Inventory of OEM Parts for All Major Commercial and Military Programs
  • Export Control and Procedure Management Specialists
  • Total Program Support (TPS) and Supply Chain Management