Gage Bilt Tools


Gage Bilt Inc. has been supporting our Aerospace, Defense, Trucking, Railroad, Mining and commercial industries for over 62 years with our own line of Industrial Riveting Equipment. We have a complete fastener installation product line that is interchangeable and equivalent with the competition. Our product line includes: Tools, Nose Assemblies, Power Units, Accessories, Spare parts and much more. Our continued dedication to create innovative designs focused on safety, productivity, ergonomics and FOD control has led to a wide range of products.

Gage Bilt is committed to manufacturing innovative and robust, standard and custom products, providing you with quality solutions at competitive prices and best in class lead-times. Our technical support and customer service teams will help you pick the best product for your needs.

The highly engineered pneudraulic and hydraulic installation rivet tools are equipped with a one-piece piston which ensures less jamming than other brand tools. With less moving parts, Gage Bilt rivet guns are easy to bleed, which makes them ideal tools for fast and permanent installation of rivet and lockbolts.

GAGE BILT Rivet Installation Tools, are constructed from aircraft quality materials to provide years of service. They are robust, heavy duty production riveters. GAGE BILT riveting tools are crafted to install a wide variety of aerospace and commercial fasteners.