Tooling and Repair

an assortment of metal pipe fittings with different connectors, some with colored ends, suitable for tooling and repair, isolated on a white background.

Orkal's Mission Is To Support Your Tooling Life Cycle - Cradle To Grave, Including Initial Tooling Procurement, Maintenance, And Repair Services.

Manufacturer Authorized

Orkal Is A Fully Authorized And Preferred Tooling Repair Stationfor DLT/DAT/DET Tooling. Our Manufacturer Certified Team Of Trained Technicians And Sales Department Are Dedicated To Providing Inspection, Repair , And Inventory Support, For All Permaswage Tooling Configurations. Our Team Of Tooling Experts Will Ensure That Your Tooling Needs Are Addressed Swiftly And Professionally. We Are An ISO9001, AS9100 & AS9120 Certified Facility.

We Stock and Repair:

a close-up of two industrial rubber date stamps with visible inscriptions and brand markings.

  • tooling and repair

    Power Units

  • tooling and repair

    Head Assemblies (DLT & DAT)

  • tooling and repair

    Die Sets

  • tooling and repair

    End Plates

  • tooling and repair

    Gages & Marking Tools (DLT & DAT)

Market Leading Fitting Inventory Specialist

Orkal Also Carries A Wide Range Of Radial And Axial Swage Fittings In Stock For Immediate Delivery.

  • tooling and repair

    D10006, D10007, D10008, D10021, D10023, D10036, D10055, DME

  • tooling and repair

    D10192, DPLE, DPL, DPLU, AS6115, AS6117, AS5801, AS5974, AS5975, AS5976, AS5978

  • tooling and repair

    Also Stocking Customer Specifications Such As:
    BAC, 7D, 7M, ST7M (Boeing), JSF, C, LS (Lockheed), S700 (Goodrich), 07A (Northrop), ASNA, ABS, NSA (Airbus), B03 (Bombardier)

Other Services

  • Just In Time

    Delivering Efficiency, Reliability & Lean Supply Looking To Reduce Your Material Costs While Still Meeting Customer Demands? As An Expert In Supply Chain Solutions Orkal Can Help You Achieve The

  • Kitting Solutions

    KITTING SOLUTIONS With over 20 years of supplying kitting & custom packaging services globally to OEM and Government customers Orkal offers unique advantages such as streamlined source of supply, product

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