Orkal Industries



Since 1976, Orkal, has been providing unique supply chain solutions for our customers and manufactures. Each solution is custom tailored to meet the requirements of the program it serves. Over the past 30 years Orkal has developed cost reducing and quality enhancing solutions that have earned us a strong position in the supply chain. On April 1st 2019, Orkal was acquired by the Marmon Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, as a sister company to Future Metals in a growing Aerospace Business Unit dedicated to providing a focused approach to supply chain solutions for fluid conveyance products and tube/hose connections.

Our combined management team consists of seasoned experts in logistics, procurement, sales, engineering and quality assurance providing the perfect mix to support our customers and manufacturers. We understand how the products function, how they should be procured, inspected, delivered and supported. This ensures that the Customer receives the right product, for the right application, on time, every time.

Orkal provides our Customers cutting edge technology solutions for our inventory management programs that utilize state of the art technologies. With Orkal managing inventory the customer has peace of mind and total access to the program details and metrics through our custom software solution. This is the clear difference maker that lends the competitive edge to Orkal managed inventory solutions

We have a global footprint with facilities, forward stocking locations and sales offices located around the world. We offer a 24/7 network of product delivery and support solutions. There is no downtime working with Orkal, we are ready to meet your needs.


    Orkal Industries Linecards

    Additional information

    Orbital Weld Linecard

    AS1581, AS1582

    Fluid ID Labels

    B0314005, B0314009, B0314020, B0314023, BACT11Y, GAT15A1, GAT15A2, GAT15C, GAT535C2, GT100GU, GT535, MIL-STD-1247, MIL-T-9906, SS9030, SS9031

    GE Standards LInecard

    J1015, J1113, J1159, J1160, J1188, J1290, J1312, J1322, J1325

    AS Shapes and Straights Linecard

    AS1001-AS1010, AS1031-AS1040, AS1584-AS1585, AS4130-AS4141, AS4405-AS4411, AS4848-AS4863, AS5160-AS5169, AS5172-AS5174, AS5180-AS5189, AS5190-AS5198, AS5230-AS5239, AS5240-AS5242, AS5406, AS6050

    Bombardier Linecard

    B0301005-B0301016, B0302124-B0302129, B0302127, B0302130, B0302134, B0302142, B0302143, B0302156, B0302158, B0302159, B0302161, B0302167, B0302172, B0302201, B0305026, B0305080, B0305112

    Inserts and Wire Linecard

    MA3279-MA3281, MS122076-MS122254, MS124651-MS124829, MS21208-MS21209, MS3329-MS3331, NAS1130

    Hoses and Assemblies Linecard

    AS115-AS118, AS1503, AS1504-AS1506, AS1544, AS1591, AS4546, AS4774, AS4804, MS8006C

    Valves and Caps Linecard

    MS20813, MS28889/MS6164

    MS/NAS Shapes and Straights Linecard

    MS21900-MS21909, MS21910-MS21916, MS21923-MS21926, MS21937-MS21939, MS21940-MS21945, MS24405, MS24651-MS24654, MS51521, NAS1761-NAS1763

    MS Engine Standards Linecard

    MS9198, MS9381, MS9382, MS9483

    Beam Seal Linecard

    AS4220-AS4224, AS4227-AS4229

    Ring Lock Linecard

    ABS0920, ABS0993, ABS1384, AS1299, AS1985/AS1986, AS3077, AS3078, AS4099, AS5550, AS5868, MA2111